I am a NOVICE (beginner) at Mountain Biking – truth be told, I still rent my bike each week as I am debating if I like this sport or love it – but I am fascinated with the adventure and culture.  It costs me about $75 each time to rent, but these are like $3-4,000 dollar bikes, so I feel I am getting a deal.  I will eventually buy my own, but like I said, I am still debating if I like this sport.  (leaning yes)

The above image is of the RED BULL RAMPAGE held each year on the 3rd Sat. of October (usually).  There are some of the most spectacular videos of this sport captured right here in St George.  I know I will never do these things these world class athletes do (unless it’s the last thing I do).  I can and do feel the adrenaline surge and my palms perspire as I watch over and over these videos.

As a new Mountain Bike nerd I found a great trail website Trail Forks. This is a site that gives insights to all of our trails in the area.  According to them there are 250+ trails within a 30 minute drive of my home.  This means St George is a perfect playground for mountain bikers from all over the US and World.

I am glad to see our communities building venues like Snake Hollow in St George.  This venue is for locals and visitors alike to build and practice skills and have quality time with friends and family.