Hell Hole Trail

Looking for hiking or biking trails?  The Greater St George area (St George, Washington, Ivins etc.) are connected by a network of paved trails ideal for biking, roller blades, hiking and dog walking.  Our community is known for an active lifestyle.  This is one of our leading qualities that attract thousands of visitors every month.

Hell Hole trail

is one of my favorite in the area as it starts out in Washington at the intersection of Telegraph and Washington Parkway (Exit 13).  At the trailhead is CANYON PARK (also known as the Ninja Warrior Park) which in itself is a blast to hang out in if you’ve got any competitive urges.

Hell Hole drops down to the Virgin River and connects up to the Virgin River trail.  At the bottom of the trail, go right you’ll end up heading towards St George passing Sullivan Park and Soccer fields.  You can stay on this line for miles into St George and Santa Clara without ever leaving the trail system to cross major roads.  Ideal for young kids on bikes or scooters.  Go left you head East towards Hurricane.  The trail ends about a mile heading towards Hurricane – the future plan is to connect to Hurricane and beyond all the way to Zion National Park. This line can take you all the way along the river into St George and out to Ivins/Santa Clara.

This is an official Washington City video on the loop made about 2 years ago (2019/2020) right after they updated the pavement.  When using the biking trails, be kind and share the road.  You will encounter runners, bikers, skate boards/blades and walkers of all ages.  If your eyes are sharp you will spot fox, deer, squirels, butterfly’s and all things of the desert nature around us.


St George


Santa Clara

Looking for vacation home options near here?  Check out these select homes in the Sienna Hills Area off exit 13.  (Walking Distance to Hell Hole and Beyond).  Interested in owning or selling a vacation home in the area?  Connect with us.  We’re not your typical real estate office!