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Investors, Operators & Real Estate Professionals

You may be a first time ‘Second Home’ buyer or a seasoned investor – it never is a bad idea to seek local experience from a practitioner.  You’re about to invest more than money into this venture.  We’ve operated hundreds of units, invested in multiple projects and have been active in the real estate market since 2002 – we don’t claim to know everything, but we’re sure we can help you navigate the venture you’re about to embark on.

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Listing Management

We're not taking on new properties at this time - we're what you might call a disinterested third party. We will help you analyse your property, identify key points in finding a quality management team to help you out and give you 2-3 options - with no bias.


You want a partner who can go beyond a month end report or year end summary. You need a partner who understands ADR (average daily rate) and real occupancy expectations.

Reservations Management and Guest Services

Anyone can post a rental on Airbnb or VRBO. The partner you're looking for should have a plan to grow organic reservations and build a repeat client base. It starts with guest service experiences and engagement

Guest Turns

You need a partner who is stable in their cleaning crews, ability to turn units the same day, and capable of variable management.


The partner you're looking for is one who knows about the sales and transient lodging taxes for your unit and deals direct with the state and local governments so you don't have to.

Pricing, Product and Placement

The partner you seek is one who understands how to price your unit based on what IT IS. It unique characteristics, location in connection with the nearby strengths your guests are looking for.

Real Estate & Brokerage Services

Looking to sell your second home investment property?  Escape Properties has an extensive database of vacation minded people looking for properties like yours.  We’re connected throughout the Wasatch Front as well as the Western US where most people live with the desire to own a second home here in the Greater St George area.  Knowing and understanding the HOA’s, resorts and local licensing and municipal laws goes a long way in helping you sell your investment for top dollar to a ready and willing buyer.  We can help navigate this course for you.

Proven, Tested & Relevant

Our team employs proven and time tested marketing and engagement strategies.  Yes, we recognize that today’s consumer is highly data driven and is able to engage in the buying process long before they visit a property – and we’re also aware that sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up.  Real estate is still a human experience, assisted by technology.  We spend hours each day as students of the market so we can deliver for both seller and buyers.  We are highly engaged in being coached by the Nation’s #1 coach and ecosystem, resource pools as well as active in our National, State and local Realtor boards and other community associations.  We’re not hobbyists of real estate – we’re practitioners and pro’s

Renovation, ROI and Creativity

Over the last 20+ years we’ve seen the ‘vacation market’ here in Southern Utah boom!  It went from an underground market that the local and state regulators had to adjust to what we have today – nearly 6,000 units (not to mention the thousands of new hotel rooms that have been build in the last 10 years).  You may think to yourself ‘is my only competitive advantage price?”

We should discuss your option to renovate.  This will increase your sales attractiveness or boost your occupancy.   You don’t have to spend a fortune, you just need creativity.  We should look at your unit and see how we can boost the guest experience, change the offering and look at ways we can increase occupancy and ADR performance.

Our team is creative and connected to local contractors who can help.