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Saturation Point | are we there yet?


Over the past few years with the number of new nightly-rental building taking place offering nightly rentals we are asked this question often: Have we reached a saturation point in the nightly rental market? This is a great question and one that should be asked before you put down $300-900k on a second home (or more).   What’s the marketing going to be like if you’re just one of 1,000 like? ...

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Value Proposition | Price & Occupancy Prediction


As an investment property owner we love to see our units get booked and we get really excited when we it books to top dollar too!  But what is “Top  Dollar”?  Take a minute and think where you consider the value point to be. Spoiler alert – it is virtually impossible to define as it is highly subjective.  To the consumer – $200 may be top dollar.  To the owner...

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