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Specials and Saving Money

Smart shoppers like you know that You SAVE money before you go on vacation – not on vacation.  Save a some real $$$ when you book 4 nights with this code (B3G1).  Its getting 25% off – and that friend is real savings up front!

When you go on vacation its time to spend time to build those relationships, memories and discover more about yourself.

Book 3 nights and get a 4th night FREE!

Here is another key to SAVING money when you travel.

Online travel sites, like Airbnb or VRBO charge you fees to use their sites and apps.  Its called a ‘booking fee’.  Did you know they charge us a fee too.  Yep, anywhere from 3-10% depending on the platform.  They say that by charging the property owner this big fee helps keep your costs low. Cool right!   No, its expensive!  Real Expensive.  We already have thin margins as it is.  So we found a way to off-set this cost.  We ‘upcharge’ the nightly rate in our feed to their site.  So I guess you’re being charged more so you can use their FREE app!

Ouch.  So their FREE APP isn’t so free anymore.  Don’t act surprised or be in shock that’s how the FREE MARKET works – the consumer always pays the price.  Don’t worry, you’re still getting a great vacation home at a great value (Especially compared to a hotel room right!).  All I am is suggesting is for you to shop for the best price – and that is by going direct to the source.

You see the code above only works on our site.  Combine that savings with our best nightly rate and now you’re saving BIG and your vacation just got better!  Save Money and shop direct.

We can’t stay 4 nights but we want to save money.

The good news is we have more than one CODE you can use to save money.  We get it.  We love to know our guests have regular jobs and we get it that 4 nights may not always work out with travel plans, school and work schedules.  So use this code: VIP10 and save 10% off any stay!  There – you saved again and you did it before you left home.

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