Family reunions are a time-honored tradition, bringing loved ones together to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds. What better place to celebrate these cherished gatherings than the picturesque city of St. George, Utah? Nestled in the heart of the stunning red rock country, St. George offers a tranquil oasis for families to reconnect. Escape Properties provides the ideal accommodations for such occasions. With these exceptional homes, your family can enjoy a convenient and memorable reunion in this spectacular setting.

Come Stay with Escape

One of the standout features of family reunions in St. George, facilitated by Escape Properties, is the convenience of staying close to each other.  Escape Properties offers a range of spacious and comfortable units suitable for various family sizes and preferences. Here’s a glimpse of some of the fantastic properties you can choose from:

Area 51: Area 51 offers a playful blend of conspiracy, imagination, and quality family time. Its theme is a nostalgic nod to the mid-century American road trip, drawing inspiration from the charm of Route 66 and the vibrant flair of the 1950s, with the occasional lighthearted “alien” twist.

Area 51 is a micro resort located in Hurricane, offering a private pool for endless fun and relaxation. This property is perfect for large families seeking the perfect balance between shared experiences and private moments. You can even bring your pets along!

An Oasis View: Comprising two townhomes in Freedom Village, Oasis View offers the perfect balance of togetherness and privacy. With separate units, your family can stay close while enjoying individual space. These townhomes are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay. The pool, playground and pickleball courts are all directly across the road.

Grand Riviera: Grand Riviera consists of two townhomes. These elegantly designed units offer a tranquil and luxurious escape for your family. Each townhome provides a private and cozy retreat, allowing family members to relax and rejuvenate. The community pool is perfect for the entire family with a slide, lazy river, multiple hot tubs and even a splash pad! Grand Riviera is located in Washington right off the freeway, making it simple to get to your different adventures.

Passport Resort: Passport Resort stands out with its two duplexes, totaling four units. With a plethora of amenities, including three hot tubs, a ball pit, and a play ship for kids, this is a dream destination for families. Each duplex offers a cozy retreat where your family can unwind and make memories. Passport Resort also allows pets.

Booking multiple units together with Escape Properties for your family reunion in St. George offers the added benefit of cost savings, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of shared spaces while making the most of your budget compared to booking each smaller unit individually.

Looking for larger, single units? Escape Properties offers 2 in the scenic Ivins area.

Rendezvous: Paradise Village offers a unique and inviting space for your family reunion. Located in the vibrant Paradise Village community, Rendezvous ensures an unforgettable experience. With a fire pit, hot tub, and a spacious patio, this unit is designed for both relaxation and entertaining. It provides the perfect blend of privacy and shared moments, making it an excellent addition to your family’s St. George getaway. With 2 community pools including multiple slides and a lazy river, there is something for all ages.

Canyon View Oasis: With breathtaking views of Snow Canyon State Park, Canyon View Oasis is an inviting and luxurious property that can accommodate large groups. With 2 living rooms, fire pit and private pool, there is ample room for all your family members to come together under one roof.

Fun Activities for Families

St. George and its surroundings offer an abundance of activities to keep your family entertained during your reunion. Here are some of the exciting options:

  1. Outdoor Adventures: St. George is renowned for its outdoor recreational opportunities. Families can explore hiking and biking trails in Snow Canyon State Park, take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful Red Hills Desert Garden, or venture into the nearby Zion National Park for a day trip.
  2. Golfing: If your family loves golf, there’s no better place than St. George. With numerous top-rated golf courses like Red Hills Golf Course and Sunbrook Golf Club, you can enjoy a friendly competition or just take in the scenic beauty of the area.
  3. The Arts: The Tuacahn Amphitheatre offers world-class entertainment in a stunning red rock canyon setting. Check their schedule for Broadway shows, concerts, and other performances during your stay.
  4. Family-Friendly Adventures: Enjoy quality time together with activities such as horseback riding, ATV tours, and exploring the fascinating Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm.
  5. Relaxation: Sometimes, the most memorable family moments come from simply relaxing together. Whether it’s enjoying a BBQ by the pool, stargazing in the clear desert skies, or having a family movie night, there are plenty of opportunities for quality time at your Escape Properties rental.

St. George, Utah, is a hidden gem for family reunions, and Escape Properties makes the experience even more extraordinary. With accommodations that cater to all your family’s needs and a wealth of activities to choose from, your reunion will be filled with laughter, adventure, and cherished memories. Make your next family gathering truly special by bringing everyone together in the scenic and welcoming oasis of St. George with Escape Properties.