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Hiking Trails

Johnson Canyon Trail

Johnson Canyon Trail is a short but stunning hike in Snow Canyon State Park. It has natural springs, surrounded by gorgeous natural springs, black lava flows, striking red rock formations, and a gorgeous arch near the end of the hike. This hike is short, and very easy, It`s perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Keep in mind this hike is closed annually from March 15th-October 31st. Location: 37.178159, -113.645362
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Water Canyon to Top Rock

This hike can be strenuous depending on the options you choose on this hike. Water Canyon is on the Utah/Arizona boarder and is a pretty beaten up trail. That doesn`t take away from the stunning scenery surrounding you on this hike though. The first part of the hike is relatively easy, being on a well defined trail to the narrows of Water Canyon. At the end things get a little more difficult as you need to climb the canyon rim, and Top Rock. You can even go beyond this point, if you wanted to backpack into Cannan Mountain, it is very similar to Zion like scenery. Location: 37.0378, -112.955
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Cinder Cone

The Cinder cones here in Southern Utah are located within Snow Canyon State Park. One cider cone is on the northern side, and the other to the south. These 2 Cinder Cones are the reasoning begins the lava flow that covers much of the surrounding area. This trail is short, but very steep and is recommended to wear boot and pants to avoid injuries on the sharp lava rock throughout the hike. Location: 37.243333, -113.634
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Three Ponds Trail

Take a hike through the beautiful desert sands with amazing views of wild flowers, cactus, sage, and striking canyon views. Towards the end of the trail there is three ponds to enjoy. This hiking trail is better hiked between the months of February-November. Three Ponds Trail is a family friendly trail, so everyone can join in on the adventure. Location: 37.199363, -113.644122
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Lava Flow Overlook Trail

Lava Flow Overlook Trail, located in Snow Canyon State Park, is a short but gorgeous hike that takes you to breathtaking panoramic views, and you`ll have an amazing view of the West Canyon overlook. You will be able to see the lava flow from the 2 volcano`s on either side of Snow Canyon. It is a short and simple hike, great for the whole family! Location: 37.223357, -113.642661
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